Cosplay Catwalk 2015 sign-up

presented by atomic lollipop

Suit up as your favourite TV, comics, or gaming character and take on your fellow APOPpers on the COSPLAY CATWALK! Contestants will stomp it down the runway and strike a pose for the photographer pit in hopes of securing killer prizes, and the title of cosplay champ! 

Whether you enter the CRAFTSMANSHIP DIVISION [for screen-accurate cosplay], SHOWMANSHIP DIVISION [for embodying your character/putting on a killer show], or OUT-OF-CONTEST DIVISION [for costumers who want a no-pressure chance to strut their stuff], you'll exit the catwalk with time in the spotlight and sweet cosplay photos in tow!

Spaces are limited so sign up today, and snag YOUR spot on the catwalk!

*Entrants will receive contest details via email within one week of sign-up.

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