Atomic Lollipop presents

Fake Prom: Glitter Ball

We're taking you back to the days of cheesy deco and teacher chaperones for a no-curfew night of great music, bad decisions, and glitter in every orifice! It's FAKE PROM!

We're serving up glitter bombs, laser beams, and disco balls, so bedazzle that gown, dig up a date, and shimmer 'till you drop! Come in your shiniest duds or get glitter-fied onsite for a chance to be crowned Sparkle King and Queen! Whether you shine 'till you go blind or glitter bomb your enemies, it's gonna be a night to get gaudy!

FEATURING the explosive sounds of elite rock squad from the future...
Tupper Ware Remix Party

Check their new single THE HIT- feat. Ninja Sex Party  

Please sparkle responsibly.