Harajuku Swap & shop table reservation

Calling all fashionistas, lolitas, & treasure-hunters on a budget!

Looking to sell or swap your unwanted anime merch, lolita items, alternative clothing, games or toys? 

Reserve a table at the HARAJUKU SWAP AND SHOP and pass on your old anime merch, alternative clothing, and otherwise awesome items to your fellow APOPpers!

Five dollars gets you a table to hawk your wares at the 2-hour long event, taking place Sunday July 19 at the Ontario Science Centre.

What to bring to the Swap & Shop

  • Alternative clothing (goth, VK, punk, pin-up, rave, retro)
  • Licensed anime merchandise (DVDs, manga, posters, toys, trading cards)
  • Costumes and accessories, craft supplies
  • Alternative clothing (goth, VK, punk, pin-up, rave, retro)
  • Lolita items, cute dresses, petticoats, fancy footwear
  • DVDs, video games, electronic equipment (all working)
  • Vinyl toys, plushies, figurines
  • Magic!

*Sellers will be contacted shortly with set-up and sign in details via email. 

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E.g., If you checked 'alternative clothing,' specify whether your items are goth, VK, punk, pin-up, rave, or retro.