It is a dark time for atomic lollipop.

Imperial troops have driven APoppers from their hidden base , and pursue them across the galaxy. 

Evading the dreaded Imperial Starfleet, a group of freedom fighters led by Princess LeiaPop have established a new secret base at the Ontario Science Centre. The evil Darth Vader, obsessed with finding APOP, has dispatched hundreds of Nerf Blaster-armed soldiers into the far reaches of space....

On July 18, we're dispensing HUNDREDS OF FREE NERF GUNS to battle-ready APoppers for an intergalactic shoot-em up. Armed with lightsabers, space blasters, and the sweetest costumes this side of the galaxy, hundreds of Jedi and Sith, storm troopers and rebels, spunky droids and alien babes will descend on the Science Centre for a no-holds-barred blaster battle royale.

See you on the front lines!