Atomic Lollipop 2015 Schedule

ONGOING | FRIDAY | saturday - Day | saturday - night | sunday


Daily Bugle Photo Contest || Everywhere || ONGOING

We need pictures! Pictures of Spider-man!....and any other vigilantes patrolling APOP! Scout the Science Centre for heroes and villains from your fav. fandoms, and snap photos for the Bugle front page! Deliver your 5 best shots to the info booth on Sunday at 4PM, for JJ himself to judge!   

Pokemon Snap! || Everywhere || ONGOING

Snap photos of Pokemon cosplayers in their natural habitat and return to the info desk on Sunday at 5PM for Professor Oak to judge based on quantity and quality!  

Retro Arcade || Great Hall Balcony || ONGOING

Press START to access the 8 Bit arcade, packed with pinball, DDR, and classic cabinet games. No quarters required!

Gamers’ Gauntlet: Console Tourneys and Free Play Arcade || Telus Room || ONGOING

Game On Entertainment Services, Toronto Top Tiers and Face To Face Games present a stacked roster of retro and fighting console gaming! Drop by for free-play all day or check out the gaming schedule for a full lineup of tourneys!

90s Cafe || Telus Cafe || 6:00PM-10:00PM FRI, 10AM-2AM SAT, 10AM-6PM SUN

Pop Tarts, Dunkaroos, and Nutella, oh my! We’re serving up the raddest snackfoods known to mankind, and enough sugar to power a small city. It’s everything your mouth misses, and the toys you threw a tantrum for. Fuel up and relive the gaming glory days with Hungry Hungry Hippos, Operation, Mouse Trap and more!

Marketplace || CC Mezz & Level 1 Bridge || 6PM-10PM FRI, 10AM-8pm SAT, 10AM-6PM SUN

Shutupandtakemymoney invades the Science Centre with wall-to-wall vendors and artists! Discover comics, apparel, plushies, and one-of-a-kind goodies you never knew you needed and can’t geek without.

Ace in the Hole Outfitters! Arms and Equipment for the End of the World || Terrace || 6PM-10PM FRI, 10AM-8PM SAT, 10AM-6PM SUN

Presented by ELEGY: A Doompunk LARP. The APopalypse is upon us. Try your hand at the Nerf firing range or compete in the Boffer Tournament for prizing and glory. Characters from the Apocalypse will be on site to talk to you about what it's like living through The Calamity, and help you try your luck in games of chance. Will YOU survive the end of days?

Friday July 17

6:00PM The Great Dragonball Hunt BEGINS || Everywhere

When doors open, the hunt begins! 500 ghetto-fabulous dragon balls have been planted around the OSC. Collect all seven marble-sized wonders and hustle back to the info booth to summon the Great Eternal Dragon, Shenron! The first APopper to present the Great Dragon with the full set of seven will win riches beyond their wildest dreams. Can you find them all?

6:30-7:00PM Electricity Show || Science Arcade

Find out "watt's up" when it comes to electricity and get hands-on with the Science Centre’s hair-raising Van de Graaff generator in this shocking demo.

7:00PM Voice Acting 101 || Studio 1

Got some burning questions about the world of voice acting? Now's your chance to speak up and get the lowdown.

7:00PM Midnight Society Meeting with ROSS HULL || Studio 2

One of the most popular and critically-acclaimed Nickelodeon shows of all time, Are You Afraid Of The Dark was a terrifying TV experience shared by millions of kids from around the world. Meet ROSS HULL (aka Gary, lead storyteller on the show) as we rekindle the campfire for a meeting of the Midnight Society!

7:00PM Paint-on Cosplay 101 || Studio 3

No sewing skills? No problem. Get the naked truth about cosplay body paint from ArtisitiCurves and Northern Belle Rogue as they dish on everything from products and  techniques to self-confidence. For cosplayers who’ve ever wanted to paint or be painted!

7:00PM Lunaball Kitty (Catnip) Magic! (Crafting) || Gemini 1

Transform ordinary felt into an adorable kitty treat with the cosmic power of catnip!

7:00PM Speed Friending-Legend of Korra || Gemini 2

Korra void got you feeling Forever Bolone? It’s been six months, but we’re still  talking Book Four, Korassami, and more!

7:00PM Swing Dance: Beginner || RPS Hall

Learn to lindy hop, jitterbug and jive in this entry-level swing class. See you on the dancefloor!

7:00-10:00PM Much Video Dance Party || Hot Zone

From the deepest depths of 90s nostalgia comes everyone’s awkwardest middle school memory- this time with a LICENSED BAR! Join the Much Video Dance Crew for an ALL 90S Friday Night NOSTALGIA TSUNAMI packed with tunes that made you drop your Beanie Babies, grab your walkman, and get on the floor.

7:00PM-10:00PM Elven Ear Cuffs (Crafting) || Great Hall Balcony

Are you a Future Elf, Forest Elf, or High Elf? Construct a pair of elegant wire ear cuffs and leave the boring old human race behind!

7:30-9:00PM Magical Girl Team Training Camp || Challenge Zone

Ever dreamed of becoming a Magical Girl? Whether you worship Sailor Moon or Goddess Madoka, your time is now! Join our crash-course, and transform yourself and your teammates into the world's next greatest 'mahou shoujo'!

8:00PM Queer Girl Animation || Studio 1

Discover the best of queer animation with picks from Japan and North America featuring *actual* believable lesbian and queer characters! Queer Girls Represent!us

8:00PM RuPaul Karaoke Realness || Studio 2

Its a no RuPaulogies sing-along, stuffed and tucked with sick’ning tunes! Leave the lip sync at home, beat that face, and belt it out FOR THE GODS.

8:00PM Poros Production Line (Crafting) || Gemini 1

Born out of love. Blinded by glee. Innocent, plush, magic, and free. Swing by for stress-free Poros acquisition. No need to brave the Howling Abyss!

8:00PM Splatoon Speed-friending || Gemini 2

Legend has it you either die a kid or live long enough to see yourself become a squid. Discussion and identity crisis support.

8:00PM Swing Dance: Intermediate || RPS Hall

Stick around after the Beginner lesson to hone your newfound skills, or pop in if you already have some swing dancing experience!

8:00PM The Nerd Circus || Great Hall

Ladies and Gents! Freaks and geeks of all ages! Step right up and enter a superhero-inspired circus extravaganza! Join us when the sun goes down, and be spirited away to a land of high-flying, fire eating magic and mayhem! Presented by

9:00-12:00AM Anatomically Correct Valentines (Crafting) || Great Hall Balcony

Blood cells are red, platelets are blue. Organs are squishy, these toys are too!

9:00PM Futurama Trivia || Studio 1

Good news everyone! The Futurama Quiz show has returned to APop! Team up and test your knowledge of the adventures of the Planet Express team. Come out and compete, or bite my shinymetal a**!

9:00PM OWLs Exam || Studio 2

Ordinary. Wizarding. Level. Examinations. Study hard and you will be rewarded. Fail to do so and the consequences may be… severe, so grab a friend (and an anti-cheating quill), and put your magical know-how to the test! The top-scoring team will advance to NEWT-level classes and win spectacular wizarding artifacts!

9:00PM ABCs of Tease || Studio 3

Calling all cosplayers, performers and exhibitionists alike! PeepshowTO burlesque talent wants to teach YOU what it takes to Nerdlesque- from developing a concept, to prop and costume ideas. See what these sexy, geeky, hilarious shows are all about!

9:00PM Grow Your Own Groot (Crafting) || Gemini 1


9:00PM Geeky Speed Dating || Gemini 2

Strike out on a fast-paced quest to meet Mr/Ms Right! Space is limited and spots go fast, so sign up EARLY to guarantee YOUR shot at Geek Love! Sign-up opens 30 minutes prior to event start. Event is 18+.

9:30-11:00PM World POG Federation Smackdown || Challenge Zone

We're resurrecting everyone's fav. form of underage gambling for a no-holds-barred POGs tourney of epic proportions! Each competitor will receive a 6 POG-set, but beware- we're playing FOR KEEPS!

10:00PM - 2:00AM Fake Prom: GLITTERBALL

We're taking you back to the days of cheesy deco and teacher chaperones for a no-curfew night of great music, bad decisions, and glitter in every orifice! Come in your shiniest duds or get glitter-fied onsite for a chance to be crowned Sparkle King and Queen! It’s glitter bombs, laser beams, and disco balls plus the explosive sounds of intergalactic rock squad Tupper Ware Remix Party! Please sparkle responsibly.

10:00PM Tupper Ware Remix Party || Hot Zone

Retro-electro synth-rock group, TWRP, bombards the dancefloor with an incendiary live performance combining old-school funk, rock and roll, modern electronic, and intergalactic hijinks.

10:00PM Daily Dose of Westeros: Parody, Memes, and Hilarity || Studio 1

The most ridiculous Game of Thrones content the internet has to offer- from hilarious recaps, to song parodies and skits. The fandom is dark and full of terrors... and usually armed with surprisingly high quality video equipment.

10:00PM Super Belligerent Disney Karaoke Funtime || Studio 2

Yell and make lewd gestures to the music of Phil Collins as we desecrate your childhood favourites and forever changes the way you think of "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!".

10:00-10:30PM Electricity Show || Science Arcade

Find out "watt's up" when it comes to electricity and get hands-on with the Science Centre’s hair-raising Van de Graaff generator in this shocking demo.

10:30-11:30PM Disney Princess Drag Race || Great Hall

Ladyboys and gentlemen! Start your engines because we’re serving you Once Upon A Time realness with the help of our fairy dragmother and four fiiierce queens! These girls are the TP, and they're werking to rewrite Disney herstory with gag-worthy gowns and beat faces to match. It’s a fishy tale come true. May the best princess WIN!

11:00PM Mortified: Fandom Edition || Studio 1

Dust off that diary! Share your weeb shame or laugh til you’re sore at the hilariously bad fanwork of your fellow otaku! APoppers showcase their most embarrassing fan works, from long-lost Mary Sue fanfic to original Inuyasha poetry, awful fan art, and more!  

11:00PM Fan Fiction The Show’s Competitive Fanfic Erotica: Sailor Moon X Dragonball Z  || Studio 2

A late-night barrage of hilariously bad fanfic performed live by Toronto's funniest comedians!

11:00PM Bowser’s Workshop: Super Mario Baddies (Crafting) || Gemini 1

Ghosts, goombas, and bullets abound on the Koopa Troop assembly line! Evil never looked so adorable.

11:00PM IRL Mario Kart || RPS Hall

Choose your character and put the pedal to the metal in the scariest RC-mounted Balloon Battle to hit the convention circuit! It’s a classic video game turned terrifyingly real so buckle up and let the carnage begin!

12:00AM Hentai Art Critique || Studio 1

An investigation of the emergence of a new paradigm of “visual culture” vis-à-vis late night discussion. This is a formal artistic analysis of alternative hentai as a deconstruction and subversion of beauty in a post-photography world, concordant with contemporary epistemology but contrary to contemporary bio-physics (as such). Event is 18+.

12:00AM Russian Roulette || Studio 2

Two noble warriors meet under the star of destiny and duel for eternal glory before an eager, bloodthirsty audience. Truth and Tragedy at the hands of ridiculous Japanese Game Show one-on-ones. This is an open competition for the strong-willed and heroic. Participants must be 18+, but all ages are welcome to come cheer them on!

12:00AM Steampunk Sweatshop: Mini Top Hats (Crafting) || Gemini 1

An essential item for every steam-propelled mad hatter. Don't leave home without one!

12:00AM Lightsaber Battle: The Final Glowdown || Terrace

Turmoil has engulfed the Ontario Science Centre, and the Rebellion and Galactic Empire battle for control of Atomic Lollipop. Little does the Empire know that APoppers have joined the Jedi Order. Soon they will confront the Sith and attempt to restore freedom to the Galaxy…

12:00AM Lip Sync Battle For Your Life || Great Hall

Enter TODAY or decide who stays and who shantays away, as APoppers serve showstopping hand choreography, and stomp the stage down for the Lip Sync crown. You’ve gotta be machine-gun fierce to make it in this competition! Good luck...and Don't F**k it Up!

1:00AM Competitive Hentai Gaming || Studio 1

Are you a Hentai Master? Prove it in a tournament of raunchy skill-testing 18+ anime games! Or just watch...if that's your thing. Restricted to 18+ attendees.

1:00AM Would You Rather? 18+ Debate Club || Studio 2

Discussion fodder for the truly deplorable. A 2014 encore!

1:00AM 8 Bit Accessories (Crafting) || Gemini 1

Pixelized bows, rings, and brooches abound in this fusion of perler art and Harajuku fashion!

1:00AM Cards Against Humanity LIVE || Gemini 2

Finally! A game as despicable and awkward as you and your friends! Grab your crew and go head-to-head with your fellow APoppers in the world’s number one party game for horrible people!

Saturday July 18 | Day

10:00AM-1:00PM Kanji Headbands:Dishonorable Edition || Great Hall Balcony

You are a most honourable APopper. A warrior. A partying hero of the nation. Wear your allegiance with pride and create a personalized headband in the style of the Japanese hachimaki bandanas!

10:00AM Crafting Catch-up || Gemini 1

Didn’t get a chance to finish that plush? No need for a time turner! Boost your plushing progress with an hour of crafting overtime! Catch-up subject to material availability.

10:30AM-6:00PM Archery Tag || Patio

Master the bow, murder your enemies, and unleash your inner Katniss or Legolas! Can you survive as foam-tipped arrows and battle cries fly in the Atomic Archers Arena?

11:00AM How To DJ: The Basics || Studio 1

Turns out there’s more to DJing than drinking beer and pumping your fists. Come learn the basic techniques behind rave and club DJing from some of Toronto's top performers, and give it a try for yourself!

11:00AM Anime Bingo || Studio 2

Feeling lucky? Prizes abound as we cover everything from structurally unsound robots to indestructible white cotton panties, and more!

11:00AM Cartoonify Yourself: Going 2D with your Cosplay || Studio 3

Too many dimensions to pull of that Archer costume? Borderlands cosplay got you down? Learn the ins and outs of cartoon-ifying your clothes and makeup! Professional makeup artist and avid cell shader, Roxy Lee GG, dishes on tools and techniques for 2D costuming!

11:00AM Cardboard Box Ruckus Crew (Crafting) || Gemini 1

The APop Advanced Weapon scientists have perfected a deadly technology... The Cardboard Box Gundam. Join this elite crew of corrugated robot soldiers on their first training mission through a battlefield of unsuspecting civilians.

11:00AM Bouncy Jousting Tourney: Men’s Division || Terrace

Go head to head in a 4-way bouncy battle for the title of tournament champion! 

11:00AM Speed Friending-Tokyo Ghoul || Gemini 2

Gab about ghoul society, Kaneki-kun’s fate, and the fine line between man and monster with your fellow hybrids!

11:00AM-5:00PM Plushworks with HushPlush (Crafting) || Great Hall Balcony

Sew you wanna make a plushy or two? Plush out all weekend long with forests of fabric, thistles of thread, and bountiful buttons!

12:00-4:00PM Care of Magical Creatures || Terrace

Kangaroos, Kinkajous, and Capybaras, oh my! Get up close and personal with the (almost) magical creatures of Atomic Lollipop and ace your next Magizoology exam!

12:00-5:00PM Cafe Delish || Cafe

Join the maids of Cafe Delish for a taste of the traditions that have made these cafés such a phenomenon in Japan. For $5 you’ll receive a themed food and drink combo, play interactive games, and may even catch a special performance. All proceeds donated to the World Wildlife Fund.

12:00PM How To DJ: Advanced || Studio 1

Once you've mastered the basics, explore intermediate techniques like beat juggling, scratching, cutting and advanced fist pumping.

12:00PM Anime For Beginners || Studio 2

New to anime and don't know where to start? Join Apop's resident otakus for the absolute essentials of what to watch and why, complete with subgenres and tropes you're sure to come across on the road to crippling obsession.

12:00PM LARP 101 || Studio 3

The directors of Elegy: A Doompunk LARP dish on the basics of North American LARP, including how to prepare for your first game, what to pack for a successful weekend, and tips for developing your character. This talk is for everyone from experienced role-players who've never tried LARP, to first-time role-players intrigued by the prospect of trying on an all-new identity!

12:00-1:30PM Needle Felt Partner Pokemon (Crafting) || Gemini 1

Select a starter and get stitching! No pokeball required.

12:00PM Speed Friending-League of Legends || Gemini 2

Calling all summoners to the rift! In this bout of speedfriending, we put competition aside for community. Bronze will mingle with Diamond and ELO hell will cease to exist for a brief moment while we make new friends, new teams, and leave solo queue behind.

1:00PM Mad Science Fair: Get Your Bot On! || Studio 1

Get Your Bot On! is a Robotics Hackathon where participants imagine, design, and build new robots. Our robot builders have created some inspiring and creative robots and we'll share their stories.  Through the hands-on making of robots we push the limits of creativity, innovation, and technology. Get Your Bot On! 2015 will host over 100 teams Sept 11-13, 2015 at the MaRS Discovery District.

1:00PM Anime Face-off || Studio 2

Physically impossible eyebrow tricks, mouth 80% of head size, waterfall tears and perfectly curved kitty lips?! Go head to head with your fellow APoppers in this anything-goes contest of facial flexibility.

1:00PM How To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse || Studio 3

It is our mission to help make Canada the most Zombie-prepared nation on Earth. This panel will elevate potential zombie survivalists to new levels of preparation. Zombie survival experts spill on how to stay bite-free and other zombie outbreak skills- easily transferable to any catastrophe! Presented by Zombie Survival Camp

1:00PM Sissy That Talk: RuPaul Speed-friending || Gemini 2

The library is OPEN! We’re reading season seven for filth, so sashay down and spill the the tea on the new cast with Disney Princess Drag Race hosts, Velvet Valhalla and Leelando Calrissian!

1:30PM Herbology Class: Faerie Terrariums (Crafting) || Gemini 1

Keep those Cornish pixies happy - or at least contained! Build a tiny terrarium for them to call home (so they can stop making mischief in yours)!

1:30PM Ramen Eating: Solo Contest || Studio 2

Throw the gloves off and shove your face in that bowl! It’s an epic showdown of gastric fortitude as contestants race to the bottom of the bowl. Sign-up begins at 1:15, and contestants will be chosen at random. Contestants must be 18+, but all ages are welcome to cheer and jeer!

2:00PM-4:00PM Anime Button Press (Crafting) || Great Hall Balcony

Got a favorite picture or comic you want to rock 24/7? Stop by the Button Making Kiosk and have any 2D image turned into a keepsake to see you through the rest of APop!

2:00-5:00PM APop PostSecret || Great Hall Balcony

Have a secret that’s bursting to get out? Create an anonymous postcard revealing your deepest, darkest, or geekiest secrets! Secrets will be compiled and published in an online confessional.

2:00PM Chiptunes 101 || Studio 1

Unleash the pure sonic power of the 8-bit era! Toronto chiptune musician jefftheworld teaches you how to turn your vintage consoles into radical synthesizers and sequencers!

2:00PM Charms Class || Studio 2

Professor Christoph Westfall’s marvelously reviewed and oft referenced lecture series "Charms about the house: An introduction to magical tricks for the totally ignorant or mildly daft"

2:00PM Get Off Your Ass: Entrepreneurship || Studio 3

It's good to be the boss. How do you get there? Hear stories of devastating failure in business, unexpected success, and everything in between, from a serial startup founder who has run tech companies in New York, Toronto and Silicon Valley.

2:00PM The Last Plushbender: Avatar Sidekicks (Crafting) || Gemini 1

Bend the limits of adorableness with stuffed sky bisons, lemurs, and more!

2:00PM Zombie Apocalypse speed-friending || Gemini 2

Share chainsaw maintenance tips and forge alliances for the upcoming zombie apocalypse. Undead not welcome.

2:30-5:00PM Wheel of Death & Zombie Thunderdome || Terrace

Prepare for the inevitable day when you have to do battle with hordes of the undead. Spin the Wheel of Death to choose your weapon as you enter a real life 1-on-1 zombie fight.  Presented by Zombie Survival Camp

3:00PM Mad Science Fair: Building a Tesla Coil || Studio 1

Local inventor Dave Boyle shares wisdom, tips and experiences gained from building Tesla Firma, a huge home-made steampunk tesla coil, as well as facts and myths of the great inventor Nicola Tesla. Check out the tesla coil itself Saturday night on the Terrace.

3:00PM Monsters University Exam || Studio 2

Consider yourself the authority on Walt's creations? Test your mettle in a grueling classroom style setting with questions running the gamut of Disney's illustrious history. Do you (and a friend) have what it takes to get the perfect grade?

3:00PM From Pen to Pixel: Digital Drawing 101 || Studio 3

Photoshop & Illustrator 101. Turn your doodles into masterpieces with pixel magic and vector wonder. Tutorial class by Jay Tripper.

3:00PM Cosplay Catwalk || Great Hall

Suit up in your best cosplay and stomp it down the runway in hopes of securing securing killer prizes and the title of Cosplay Champ! Fantastic prizes will be awarded for craftsmanship and performance. Go for the gold or strut your stuff in the no-pressure division. Sign up TODAY or at the info booth all Friday and Saturday. Check in at 2:00PM at the Great Hall Main Stage.

3:00PM Pop-Tart Plushies (Crafting) || Gemini 1

Part of a complete breakfast! With beaded sprinkles and fluffy filling, these plush toaster pastries aren’t your basic food group.

3:00PM Cosplay Prop Fabrication || Gemini 2

It’s a crash course in cosplay fabrication- from sophisticated accessories to giant props. Take in a lecture then pattern and build bracers to hone your new skills!

4:00PM Bouncy Jousting Tournament: Women’s Division || Terrace

Go head to head in a 4-way bouncy battle for the title of tournament champion! 

4:00-6:00PM VA Mock Auditions || Studio 3

Attendees will get real scripts and perform solo auditions without the stress or pressure of a real one. Notes and feedback will be given as well as possible ensemble auditions for the best performers.

4:00PM The Pokeymans Project || Studio 2

Pokemon drawn from description alone by artists who don't know a thing about Pokemon. Audience participation encouraged. Hilarity guaranteed.

4:00PM ASOIAF Tinfoil Conspiracy Club || Studio 1

Forget who Jon Snow's mother is, let's talk Cersei's REAL father. Crazy theories are a staple of any fandom, and ASOIAF is drowning in them, be it ridiculous crack, or so obvious it's canon. Tinfoil hats provided.

4:00PM So You Think You Can KPop? || Great Hall

Aspiring idols and Dance-off combatants rock the stage alongside local KPOP legends for killer prizes, and the dance-off crown! Presented by Pop GoesTheWorld.

4:00PM Disney Shrinky-Dinks (Crafting) || Gemini 1

Anything is possible in the world of shrink-plastic- from Ursula's necklace to Atlantis Jewel shards! Design and bake tiny replicas or adorkable charms and keychains of your fav. characters!

5:00PM Cosplay Jousting Tourney || Terrace

Sign up for the Cosplay Division of the Gladiator Jousting Tournament and go head to head with epic heroes and supervillains in a 4-way bouncy battle as you duke it out to be the last cosplayer standing!

5:00PM Steven Universe Speed Friending || Gemini 2

We are the Crystal Gems! Fuse with fellow fans to talk gemstones, protect humanity, and Steven!

5:00PM Nerdy Silkscreen & Stamping (Crafting) || Gemini 1

Brush up on the art of surface design! Dream up a custom design and personalize a bandana using silkscreen and pre-made stamps!

5:00PM Anime Tycoon || Studio 2

Are you a business savvy anime expert ready to make the big bucks and create the NEXT BIG ANIME SENSATION?! Let our top-notch marketing moguls guide your teams from concept to storyboard with the sole purpose of making those sweet dollarydoos at Anime Tycoon!

5:00PM Get Off Your Ass: Intro to Political Activism || Studio 1

Stand up, FIGHT BACK. Activist leaders from Youth Vote Canada present an introduction to making a difference through the democratic right of political protest.

Saturday July 18 | Night

6:00PM Nerf Wars: The Foam Awakens || Weston Family Innovation Centre

Armed with space blasters and the sweetest costumes this side of the galaxy, hundreds of Jedi and Sith, storm troopers and rebels, spunky droids and alien babes will descend on the Science Centre for a no-holds-barred blaster battle royale.

6:00pm Mad Science Fair: Beyond Arduino: MCU's for adults || Studio 1

The Arduino is excellent at what it's made to do: teach people the basic concepts of microcontrollers. But no serious engineer would ever use it for a final product. Here is a roundup of chips that are faster, stronger and cheaper. Learn about hardware and software products from TI, Freescale and Nokia.

6:00PM Divination Class || Studio 2

Professor Christoph Westfall showcases predictive powers and mind-reading tricks- the most difficult of all magical arts. Be warned, if you do not have the Sight, there is very little he will be able to teach you. Books can take you only so far in this field...

6:00PM Cosplay Modeling & Marketing || Studio 3

A crash course on modeling for cosplay and making sure your work gets out there! How to take good photos, choose the right photographer, build and KEEP a fanbase (both on and off social media), to shoop or not to shoop, and more! Presented by cosplay marketing moguls Gillykins and Zombie Bit Me

6:00PM Crafting Catch-up || Gemini 1

Didn’t get a chance to finish that plush? No need for a time turner! Boost your plushing progress with an hour of crafting overtime! Catch-up subject to material availability.

6:00PM Digidestined Speed Friending || Gemini 2

Goggle heads, tamers, and digidestined unite! Whether you’re rookie or mega-evolved, you can always use the power of friendship to level up. Grab your digivice, and get ready to take down Myotismo- er... meet new friends!

6:00-10:00PM Sex Cells! Gamete Plushies || Great Hall Balcony

DIY sex toys. Make adorable sperm and egg plushies- a billion times actual size!

6:00-10:00PM Game of Paint: Live Bodypainting || Great Hall

In the Game of Paint you win or you dye! Come witness three models being transformed into Poison Ivy, The Great Fairy & Killer Frost purely through the medium of body paint! After four hours to complete the look, models will strut the cat walk and YOU the audience can help decide who should take home the Iron Paint Brush!

7:00PM Get Off Your Ass: pARTicipation || Studio 1

From Burning Man to APop and beyond: How can you pARTicipate in epic collaborative spaces? From picking up after yourself to building a three headed fire breathing dragon, there’s a way for you to get involved!

7:00PM Divination Practical || Studio 2

Many witches and wizards, talented though they are in the area of loud bangs and smells and sudden disappearings, are yet unable to penetrate the veiled mysteries of the future. Join us for an evening of palmistry, tea-leaf reading, and numerology as we gaze into the past, present, and future.

7:00PM Competitive Fanfic Erotica: Hello Kitty X Samurai Pizza Cats || Studio 3

Fanfiction The Show presents an hour of brain-melting fanfic erotica. Things get weird as as Japan’s most famous cartoon cats collide for a purr-vy fanfic write-off!

7:00PM Shear Bliss: Barnyard Buddies (Crafting) || Gemini 1

Howdy Ranchers! Sheep and alpacas are popping up everywhere, and we need to saddle them up, stitch them down and ship them off to a good home. If you’ve got a soft spot for these felt fuzzies, hurry on down!

7:00PM Tumblr Speed Friending || Gemini 2

Sneeple = snail people or snake people? Who would you rather see in snurch? Would you rather listen to Iggy Azalea freestyle or eat a bowl of coleslaw? The struggle is real.

7:00PM Nerd Circus (Encore Presentation) || Great Hall

Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! Freaks and Geeks of all ages! Step right up and enter the NERD CIRCUS! Acrobatica Infiniti Circus proudly presents an amazing superhero-inspired circus extravaganza! Join us when the sun goes down, and be spirited away to a land of high-flying, fire eating magic and mayhem!

7:00PM Beat-Boxing Workshop || Challenge Zone

The human drum kit Ryan "Beatspawn" Buckspan will be dropping a workshop to teach the art of Beatbox. Learn the craziest sounds and patterns known by the human mouth, or come brush up on your skills if you're already in the know! Peace. Love. Beatbox.

8:00PM- 2:00AM Laser Tag || Human Edge

Middle school birthday nostalgia lands at the Science Centre, transforming your favourite exhibit into a MASSIVE LASER TAG ARENA!

8:00PM Mad Science Fair: All About LED’s || Studio 1

Everything you need to know to light up your next project. History, hardware, electrical characteristics, powering them from batteries, the ac line and supercapacitors. You can light up LED's with plain batteries, blink them with simple logic chips, and multiplex them with microcontrollers.

8:00PM Atomic Wat || Studio 2

Trawl the dregs of the internet as we cast a net over the bad, the worse, and the WTF-y. It’s a late-night dose of Anime Hell and bizarre Japanese TV spots that will make you laugh, cry, and almost certainly leave thinking “...wat?”

8:00PM GoT Bitch Session || Studio 3

From a show that brought you headaches like Stannis the Fanless, 20 Good Men, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Sandsnakes comes an army of show-watchers convinced HBO can do no wrong. Book readers have another opinion on the matter…

8:00PM Fruits Basket: Your basic felt groups (Crafting) || Gemini 1

Felt fruits so cute you could eat them up! Make a soft toy, or accessorize with the best the orchard has to offer

8:00PM Orange is the New Black Bitch Session || Gemini 2

Is Norma a miracle worker or fraud? Who's going to win prison-guard chicken? Which Piper do you like better? Is SHU the safest place? ALEX WATCH OUT!

8:00PM Wooden Wisdom (Elijah Wood & Zach Cowie) - DJ Set || Hot Zone

Special Guest DJs Elijah Wood (The Lord of the Rings) & Zach Cowie hit the decks as Wooden Wisdom with a high-voltage, all-vinyl DJ set!

8:00PM Atomic Bellydance! || Challenge Zone

Bellyqueen Balkis will show you how it’s done including the signature shakes and shapes that make bellydance irresistible. No dance experience required, jingly scarves provided!

9:00-10:30PM Super Belligerent Disney Karaoke Funtime || Studio 2

Yell and make lewd gestures to the music of Phil Collins as we desecrate your childhood favourites and forever change the way you think of "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!"

9:00PM Flame Wars || Studio 1

Tired of losing Facebook arguments to your racist uncle? Learn from expert argumentators how you can kick ass in internet arguments, which is the MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER!

9:00PM Love Live! Speed Friending || Gemini 2

Aspiring idols and superfans unite to gab about the pop idol sensation sweeping the nation!

9:00PM PeepshowTO presents Boobtube: 90s Cartoon Burlesque || Great Hall

We're serving you R-rated depictions of beloved 90s nostalgia! Tune in for a commercial-free hour of boobs, babes, and your favorite cartoon characters stripping down to their pasties!

10:00PM Really Bad AMVs || Studio 1

Anime? And music? Together?! What could possibly go wrong! ...A lot, apparently. Tune in for mind-boggling ships, bizarre song choices, and downright crazy edits guaranteed to leave you asking “WHY?!”

10:00PM Geeky Speed Dating || Gemini 2

Strike out on a fast-paced quest to meet Mr/Ms Right! Space is limited and spots go fast, so sign up EARLY to guarantee YOUR shot at Geek Love! Sign-up opens 30 minutes prior to event start. Event is 18+.

10:00PM Prozzäk Reunion Concert || Hot Zone

Sucks to be You if you miss Prozzäk, the pop superstars who defined the 90's with their  signature brand of lovesick cartoon europop- performing live on the Hot Zone Stage!

10:00PM Electricity Show || Science Arcade

Find out "watt's up" when it comes to electricity and get hands-on with the Science Centre’s hair-raising Van de Graaff generator in this shocking demo.

10:30PM Frozen Karaoke || Studio 2

Do you wanna build a snowman? Or sing your favourite songs? For the First Time in Forever, Let it Go at our exclusive all-Frozen Karaoke session! You can finally do what Frozen things do...  IN SUMMMERRR!

11:00PM Really Bad Anime || Studio 1

From the otaku who brought you Anime For Beginners and Atomic Wat, comes a brain-melting showcase of the worst the anime world has to offer.

11:00PM Competitive Fanfic Erotica: Harry Potter X Twilight || Studio 2

Fan Fiction The Show uses your suggestions to create an unholy erotic mashup of fandoms that should never touch. Prepare yourself, and be ready to choose between Team Edward and Team Neville...

11:00PM 90s Nostalgia Anthems || Studio 3

Round out your night with a theme song singalong featuring your favourite 90's cartoons! From Pokemon to Pepper Ann, we're getting LOUD as we belligerently relive the best of 90's kid-dom!

11:00PM Fire Show || Terrace

Fire spinners ignite and light up the night!

11:00PM Algebraic! Adventure Time Power Hour (Crafting) || Studio 2

What the fluff?! You're going it alone? Build a best bud to adventure with,but remember...strength isn't their strength! Adorable cuteness is.

11:00PM Would You Rather? Debate Club || Great Hall

Discussion fodder for the truly deplorable. Velvet Valhalla hosts a live taping of her hit podcast, covering the ridiculous to the the vulgar, and posing classic hard-hitting questions  like "Would you rather fight a horse-sized duck or 20 duck-sized horses?"

12:00AM D**k or No D**k || Studio 2

Put your d**k-discerning abilities to the test. The legendary guessing game returns for an after-hours laugh riot! Attendees rowdily guess if a d**k pic will appear when clicking links on a popular website. Restricted to 18+ attendees.

12:00AM Hentai Bingo || Studio 3

Bad anatomy, body transfer, and physically impossible lactation abound in this late-night manga giveaway!

12:00AM Kigurumi Fight Club || Terrace

The first rule of Kigurumi Fight Club is “do NOT talk about Kigurumi Fight Club!”. The second rule is “no shoes on the mat”. Wrestle your friends and strangers while wearing animal pajamas! Sign up starts 30 minutes beforehand at the event location. Participants must be 18+, but all ages are welcome to come cheer them on!

12:00AM Boylesque || Great Hall

It's the boys' turn to get objectified as BoylesqueTO, Canada's premiere all-male burlesque troupe, takes the stage for a sexy display of pure manliness!

12:00PM Sickening Sweets: Villainous Treats (Crafting) || Studio 2

Spoil a happy ending TODAY! Master the art of villainy, and make a plush poison apple. So sweet you'll slip into a diabetic coma! Charming princely types not welcome. 

1:00AM Hentai Pictionary || Studio 2

Every year hundreds of oddly specific requests for lewd art go unfulfilled. We owe it to ourselves to help those in need. We don’t have a lot of talent but we have a lot of heart! Grab your pen and paper- we’re going to be drawing requests from 4chan’s /d/ board.

1:00AM Super Smashed Bros || Studio 3

Do your worst! Think you can rise above diminished motor control, partial vision, and terrible team-ups? Put your Smash skills to the limit with brutal handicaps intended to simulate a drunken state.

1:00AM Moon Prism Power-ups (Crafting) || Gemini 1

Sailor scouts assemble (and accessorize)! Right wrongs and triumph over evil with the help of your own shrink-plastic transformation pendants!

1:00AM Cabaret Class: Chair Dancing! || Gemini 2

Learn how a chair was really meant to be used! Tips on technique and chair choreography from the nerdy burlesque experts of PeepshowTO!

Sunday July 19

10:00AM House Hippo Safari BEGINS || EVERYWHERE

The North American House Hippo is found throughout Canada and the Eastern United States. These timid creatures have infested the Science Centre, and it’s up to you to put things right! Find house hippos nesting throughout APOP, and deliver them to the hippo conservation specialists at the booth! Rescue the most hippos and win a fabulous fortune in ‘90s swag from!

10:00AM Crafting Catch-Up || Gemini 1

Didn’t get a chance to finish that plush? No need for a time turner! Boost your plushing progress with an hour of crafting overtime! Catch-up subject to material availability.

10:00AM-6:00PM APop PostSecret || Great Hall Balcony

Have a secret that’s bursting to get out? Create an anonymous postcard revealing your deepest, darkest, or geekiest secrets! Secrets will be compiled and published in an online confessional.

11:00AM LGBT Comics || Studio 1

Discuss the LGBT side of your favourite comics and anime with GeekPron's Hope Nicholson and boy-lesque star Leelando Calrissian.

11:00AM Prozzäk Q&A || Studio 2

Simon and Milo, of 90’s pop supergroup Prozzäk, sit down with fans to answer your questions on love, life, music, and the simpler days of ICQ and Sucks To Be You.

11:00AM Dangan Ronpa Mini Game Gauntlet || Studio 3

Its sunshine, students, and despair at Hope’s Peak Academy, and class is now in session! Duke it out in ridiculous mini games for the title of Ultimate Student, and bring hope to the school!  

11:00AM Fairy Fountain: Build a Traveling Companion (Crafting) || Gemini 1

Hey listen! It’s dangerous to go alone! Construct a felt shoulder fairy to keep you company on your adventures.

11:00AM Waifu Speed Friending || Gemini 2

We want to know who’s in YOUR harem and why- whether you’ve got one devoted husbando or a whole procession of waifus! In-depth discussion of ideal waifu qualities, and debate on whether a waifu is a blessing or a terrible, terrible curse.  

11:00AM-1:00PM Harajuku Swap & Shop || Cafe

Calling all fashionistas, Lolitas, and treasure-hunters on a budget! Whether you’re on the prowl for cool new clothes or looking to unload your old J-Fashion items, this Swap & Shop is for you! Sniff out deals on-the-spot, or reserve a table TODAY or at the INFO BOOTH to hawk your wares. Sellers and buyers of all J-Fashion styles welcome! Table space FREE to APop attendees.

11:00AM-5:00PM Plushworks with HushPlush || Great Hall Balcony

Sew you wanna make a plushy or two? Plush out all weekend long with forests of fabric, thistles of thread, and bountiful buttons!

12:00PM World Class Stupidity: The best of the worst of Yahoo!answers || Studio 1

“Is a platipus a mammal or a beaver?”, “Why cant they put gravety on mars its not that hard?" If you answered "Yes", "No", or "Wat?" to any of these questions, you’ll love APOP’s hottest new gameshow featuring barely comprehensible trivia questions courtesy of Yahoo! Answers.

12:00PM Prozzäk Autographs || Studio 2

Prozzäk aka Simon and Milo, the pop superstars who defined the 90's, gab with fans and sign your stuff following their Q&A!

12:00PM Intro to Decent Cosplay Photos || Studio 3

Our glorious Japanese overlords aren't innately better at cosplay, they just know how to edit a photo! Filters, effects, and other tips and tricks to make your cosplay photos look less busted! Presented by Paul Hilier.

12:00PM Bunny Suit Workshop || Gemini 2

Hop on over to learn the ins and outs of bunny suit construction, and draft a custom pattern to make your own perfectly-tailored busty bunny costume!

1:00PM Lolita 101 & 201 || Studio 1

From the streets of Tokyo to Toronto, Lolita Fashion, the elegant Victorian-era inspired design style is spreading, one princess at a time.  Whether you’re new to the style or a petticoat pro, come meet up to discuss the basics and finer points of Lolita style!

1:00PM How to land a VFX Career || Studio 3

Look inside the world of visual effects for film and television with Geek X Girl, Jennifer- an industry professional who’s worked on Harry Potter, Vikings, Penny Dreadful Orphan Black, The Walking Dead, and more! Explore the tricks and techniques used to bring your fav. series to life, and get the lowdown on a day in the life of a visual effects artist.

1:00PM Evangelion Angels: You Can(not) Re-stitch (Crafting) || Gemini 1

The doom of mankind never looked so adorable! Jump start the third impact with plush versions of Adam’s nightmarish offspring.

1:00PM Project Furby || Gemini 2

Make it work, designers! We’re taking Project Cosplay back to the 90s with an all-Furby model team! Sign up in teams of 1-5 to be paired with a model, and construct a showstopping Furby cosplay! Furbish language proficiency not required.

1:00PM Cosplay Dodgeball || Patio

We're turning up the geek on this gym class classic, so grab your friends, show us your balls, and dodge, dip, duck, dive, and doge your way to violent ball-ridden victory! Sign up at the info booth before space runs out and report to the Patio in Sunday for combat!

1:00PM-1:30PM Anime Forecast: Fall 2015 || Studio 2

Today's forecast: Cloudy with a chance of moe! Looking to stay on top of your anime this coming season? Join Apop’s Otaku Authorities for the scoop on the Fall 2015 lineup!

1:30PM-2:00PM Anime Face Off || Studio 2

Physically impossible eyebrow tricks, mouth 80% of head size, waterfall tears and perfectly curved kitty lips?! Go head to head with your fellow APOPpers in this anything-goes contest of facial flexibility.

2:00PM Music Production for Beginners || Studio 1

Master this vital but misunderstood area of modern music production! Using Ableton Live as a platform, music producer, GOBS, will teach you how to creatively manipulate samples by deconstructing the music of anime rapper TREAZURE PRESHUS.

2:00PM-2:30PM Ramen Eating Contest: Couples || Studio 3

Things are going to get messy in this TEAM challenge where pairs go head-to-head for the top prize! Sign up at 2pm!

2:30PM-3:00PM The Price is Right: Ebay Insanity || Studio 3

Here it comes! APOP’s most ridiculous showcase of internet weirdness, with wonderful awards for smart shoppers. Come on down, because you’re the next contestant on the "Price Is Right"!

2:00PM Disney Sidekicks (Crafting) || Gemini 1

You ain’t never had a plush like me! *Poof!*

2:00PM Reboot Speed Friending || Gemini 2

I come from the net. Through systems, peoples and cities to this place: Atomic Lollipop. My format: APopper, to mend and defend. To defend my newfound friends, their hopes and dreams. To defend them from...their enemies.

3:00PM-3:45PM Canada's Next Top Lolita || Great Hall

Got stylish stockings and a fierce petticoat? Then lace up and rock that cupcake silhouette down the runway for the top prize as a contestant in Canada’s Next Top Lolita! ENTER today or at the Info Booth on APOP weekend.

3:00PM WooHoo! Classic Simpsons Trivia || Studio 1

Is your go-to alias Miguel Sanchez? Do you respond to bad jokes with "Boo-urns?" Then join us for an hour of perfectly cromulent Simpsons trivia spanning seasons 1-11 for your chance to win very Simpson-y prizes.

3:00PM-3:30PM IRL Pokemon || Studio 2

Think Pokémon have insane abilities? Let our panel of Pokémon professors educate you about real life monsters with superpowers that would put a Blastoise to shame!

3:00PM Cosplay life Drawing || Studio 3

A crash-course in the fundamentals of figure drawing featuring IRL cosplay models. Bring your sketchbook or grab one of ours, and brush up on those drawing skills! Volunteer models welcome.

3:00PM Plushy Bento Box (Crafting) || Gemini 1

Oishi-ne! Plush sushi pieces get served up fresh in this delicious crafting session!

3:00PM Magical Girl Speed Friending ||  Gemini 2

Are you a fan of unnecessarily long transformation sequences? We’re here to talk about your favorite magical girl anime from Sailor Moon to Pretty Cure!

3:30PM Bouncy Jousting Tourney: Cosplay Division || Terrace

Go head to head in a 4-way bouncy battle for the title of tournament champion! Cosplay mandatory.

3:30PM Who's That Pokemon || Studio 2

Put your silhouette-identifying skills to the test and win tasty candy rewards in this ridiculous APOP Mini-game! Your pokedex won’t help you here!"

4:00PM Lolita Style and Shopping || Studio 1

Want the skinny on Lolita fashion and where to buy it? We're here to help! Learn the tips and tricks to becoming a Lolita- whether you have funds to burn, or a tight budget!

4:00PM MANime and MANga ||  Studio 2

A celebration of the testosterone-fueled side of cartoons. Join us as we yell, cheer, and punch each other while watching clips from the most hot blooded and improbably muscled animations we could find!

4:00PM So you want to Artist Alley? || Studio 3

The highs, lows, and how-tos of being in a convention’s Artist's Alley. How to choose what to make, how to market yourself, what to bring, online selling, and more.

4:00PM Hatch a Digital Partner: Digibaby Nursery (Crafting) || Gemini 1

The Digi-eggs are ready to pop here in Primary Village! We’re expecting newborns, so get sewing and see who your companion will be!

4:00PM Game of Thrones Speed Friending || Gemini 2

Night gathers, and now our watch begins.

4:00PM-6:00PM Fingerpuppets, Assemble! || Great Hall Balcony

Assemble an adorable team of Avengers to protect the planet...or at least your fingers!

5:00PM How To Thrift A Cosplay ||  Studio 1

No sewing skills? No problem! Learn how to choose cosplays that can be thrown together on the cheap from regular thrifted clothing, and master basic thrifting modifications- from colour tinting to basic embellishing tricks!

5:00PM Obscure Animated Shorts ||  Studio 2

Totally over the mainstream? We've got shows you’ve "probably" never heard of. It’s animated pilots, film fest submissions, and everything else you won’t find on a major network.  Hold on to your mason jars, we’re going full hipster!

5:00PM Scriptwriting 101 || Studio 3

A good novel can take years, even decades, to write. Scriptwriting is a similar art form, but on steroids. Learn what it takes to launch a successful scriptwriting career- from concept development, to “elevator pitches” and more!

5:00PM 90s Nostalgia Shrinky Dinks (Crafting) ||  Gemini 1

It’s morphin’ time! From Reboot to Prozzak, capture the best of the 90s in custom charms, pins, and keychains with the awesome power of heat-shrinking plastic!

5:00PM Lolita Photoshoot & Speed-friending || Gemini 2

It’s a picnic packed with petticoats and parasols. Connect with fellow Lolitas for a lace-filled photoshoot and speed-friending session!